Our organization's primary purpose is to provide a positive experience for hockey players and their families.

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Tri-County Youth Hockey is a club that looks to provide a positive hockey experience for our athletes. It strives to create opportunities for players to achieve their full potential both in the sport and as an individual. 


Our Leadership team is composed of talented, fun and dedicated coaches whom share a love of the sport as well as an understanding of individualizing programs and instilling sportsmanship. Also on Tri-County's leadership team are board members and parents that support the coaches' holistic philosophy and make program decisions that remain in step with those beliefs. Tri-County encourages all club members to participate in the board meetings so that everyone has an opportunity to voice ideas to make our club run efficiently and effectively. 


Tri-County Youth Hockey believes in developing strong individuals and strong athletes.  Our club offers competitive hockey at both the house and travel level. We pride ourselves on providing programs that develop the physical and psychological aspects of our youth. Members will share that we offer a family atmosphere where players can develop their hockey skills, but more importantly, establish close friendships, strengthen individual spirits and grow a passion for hockey.  We believe our successful team records and the growth of our programs speak to this club's commitment to these core values.  

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2018-19 Registrations

2018 - 19 Registrations and New Website


We are excited to announce that we are switching websites! Our new website will have a new fresh look and many additional features including a new app. The new website is currently under construction and will be rolled out in the upcoming months, but the 2018 - 19 registration is ready.

How to register:

  • Register online with USA Hockey for the 2018 -19 season.   

    You MUST complete this step before you can register with TCYH.

    When registering with USA Hockey you must register using your birth name, that is, the name as shown on your birth certificate.  Do not register using nicknames or shortened names.  (If "Michael" is on birth certificate, do not register as "Mike").  


  • Read the Welcome section carefully as there is a mail-in check option this year. This option will result in not having to pay the credit card processing fees that are associated with credit cards. On a $1000.00 these fees would be roughly $35. If you choose to pay by check the full balance is due by August 1st.  If you prefer to pay online with a credit card you will have the option to pay the balance in full or through an automatic payment plan. When you register you will pay a downpayment and the cost of the credit card processing fees on the full program amount. 




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College Rules

Entrance:  Entrance in to the rink is to be through the SERC.  Use the lower doors.  There is netting up at the end of the rink to protect against any flying pucks.
                The upper doors that lead in to the SERC are alarmed and are EMERGENCY EXIT ONLY.
Rink Dividers:  The rink dividers are to be stored on the south wall of the rink and are not to be played on at any time.  They will not be kept next to the bleachers.
Parking:  We have free parking in the last row of V lot, this is right next to the tennis courts during monitored hours.  During the week these hours run to 7:00pm.  The parking is open on the weekends.  If you park in a metered spot you must follow the tags on the meter.  The reserved spots in the loop across from the ice rink are not available at any time, you can be towed without any warning.  If you want to purchase a parking pass you can for $57.00 for the year so you can park in a nearer spot at any time.  Here is the link to the college parking rates: 
www.brockport.edu/parking/campusparking/rates.html​  If you wish to take advantage of this please contact the parking office.


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College Rules

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